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You are more than welcome to join our team in helping make an impact in the community.  You can select the link below and sign up to volunteer with our team.  Upon registration, you will receive email updates with dates and locations for each volunteer opportunity available along with information on the organizations we partner with.

Can Drive

Non-perishable and canned goods items are extremely vital in helping feed the community.  These items have more shelf life and can be distributed easily among the families that need them.  If you have any non-perishables and canned good items that you are willing to give, we are elated to accept and are pleased that you are lending out of the notion in your heart advising you to do so.  You can select the link below for locations to bring your donated goods.

Volunteers Packing Food
Woman holding a box of clothes for donation


Any and all donations given go into our outreach fund to make various purchases for the community.  These purchases include, but are not limited to the following;

  • Clothing

  • Medicines

  • Bedding

  • Building projects (i.e, parks, schools, books, etc.)

Each person that donates received an itemized receipt showing what their donation has contributed to.  You can select the link below for ways to donate financially.

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